Wildgame Innovations Switch LightsOut 12MP Trail Camera Review

Wildgame Innovations Switch Lightsout Scouting Camera

Wildgame Innovations Switch LightsOut 12MP

The Wildgame Innovations Switch Cam Lightsout 12MP camera is a new addition to their affordable but high quality line of cameras.  The new Switch trail camera is a nice small camera, that is super easy to set up and use and has a very attractive low price point that will appeal to anyone just looking to get into buying a trail camera, or for anyone looking to buy a number of trail cameras to scope out an area.

With a three button easy set up this is a camera that even the most untech savvy person can get working in no time at all.

We have spent hours researching the camera and below we will present our findings to help you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing your first, or next trail camera.  As always if you are looking to find out more about a specific function you can use the table of contents below to jump right to the information you’re searching for.  

Or just keep reading to find out of the Wildgame Innovations Lightsout Switch Cam is right for you.

Wildgame Innovation Switch 12MP Camera Front View

Wildgame Innovations Lightsout Switch Trail Camera Video and Picture Quality

Switch Trail Camera Still Photo Information

The Switch trail camera doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles we have come to expect from new models of scouting cameras.  

Unlike a lot of cameras that will give you a variety of photo quality settings, the Switch doesn’t offer you a choice.  The camera is a 12MP (MegaPixel) camera, and the picture quality is more than adequate.  

Is it the best photo quality possible?  

No, but it’s excellent for the entry level price point and how simple this camera is to use.

Switch Trail Camera Video Information

There isn’t a lot of information on the video quality yet.  The specifications for the camera say that it’s 720p HD, so the quality is going to be good, but I don’t know what the exact resolution is.  

The other question we had, not being able to handle one of these cameras yet, and just researching it, is how long the videos are going to be.  Our feeling is that it’s a standard 30 second video beginning when the motion sensor is activated. 

This can be ok, but many people might want more control over how long their videos are shot.

Wildgame Innovations Switch Cam Lightsout 12mp Settings

The unique appeal of this trail camera is the ease that it can be set up and used.  

Because of this there are only three buttons, and as Wildgame Innovations says on their website, the camera is so dummy proof that first time hunters or even kids can use it. 

I don’t know if saying a kid can set something up means it’s easy, since most kids these days are much more comfortable with technology than adults, but you get the idea.

There are only three ‘set it and forget it’ settings.  

The capture mode, which is do you want still photos or video.

The delay setting, which will allow you to get how long between trigger events the camera will wait to take another picture.  You get the choice between 5, 10 and 15 seconds of delay for still photographs.

And the time zone, which will allow the camera to act like an atomic clock and keep track of the time even taking into account Daylight Savings Time.

Wildgame Innovations Switch Easy Set Up

Switch Trail Camera Trigger Speed

There isn’t a lot to be said of the Trigger Speed for this camera.  It’s advertised as under a second, but they aren’t making any claims that it has the fast trigger speeds of higher quality trail cameras.  

Under one second will be a good speed if you are looking to capture pictures of animals in spots where they are feeding, but it might not be quick enough if you are trying to capture animal movement with your trail camera.

Switch Trail Camera Motion Sensor

The Switch trail camera is advertised to have a range of 65 feet, and while there is nothing that says how they capture motion, I imagine that it’s the industry standard IR that works for it.  

With the relatively low trigger speed you probably would want to make sure that where you are looking to spy on is fairly close to the camera. 

Switch Trail Camera Flash and Night Use

The Lightsout Model of the Switch 12MP Trail Camera uses an ‘invisible’ flash from 36 Black LED lights.  This will make the flash virtually undetectable to animals or people who happen to be around the camera when it’s being used at night.

The Lightsout Technology Wildgame Innovations uses allows the camera to take high quality photos even at night.

Switch Trail Camera Durability

The Switch camera is average when it comes to durability, and we might recommend a security box if you have some concerns about your camera being damaged or stolen.  

The design of the case has very natural looking curves, and the color will allow it not to stand out too much in the wild, but it also doesn’t seem to be the type of trail camera that’s really going to blend into the environment. 

Switch Trail Camera Battery Use

The trail camera uses a fairly hefty 8 AA batteries.  

While Wildgame Innovations says that the batteries should last a year, it would be a good idea to regularly check your batteries, and at the start of a season it would probably be best to use fresh batteries instead of having the surprise of finding out that your camera has just been a nice piece of decoration in the woods.  

Of course, the quality of the batteries are going to play a big part in how much life you get out of them, so I’d recommend checking out our article on batteries for trail cameras for more information.

What Does the Wildgame Innovations Switch 12MP Trail Camera Come With

As we said a few times, this is a really bare bones, easy to use camera.  There aren’t a lot of frills, and that goes along with that comes with the camera.  

Inside the box you get the camera, an adjustable strap to attach the camera to a tree, and the instruction manual.

You will need to provide the 8 AA batteries, and the SD card to use the camera.  You might also want to look into a higher quality way of mounting your camera depending on where you are setting it up.

You might also want to invest in a 5/16″ cable and lock depending on where you are planning to mount your camera and the level of security you will need from would be thieves.

Our Verdict of the Wildgame Innovations Switch LightsOut Trail Camera

We really like the Wildgame Innovations Switch LightsOut Trail Camera.  While we made a point to show where the camera was lacking among the many other options available, we love the simplicity and inexpensive price of the camera.

There is nothing worse than setting up your trail camera and then returning to it a few days later to check up on how it’s working and finding out that your settings were wrong, or that you didn’t quite get everything set up right.

The ‘Set it and Forget it” / Dummy Proof quality of Wildgame Innovations new camera is something that many people should love.  Even if you have no trouble with setting up a camera, the speed that you can get the camera mounted and ready for use is welcome.  Don’t we all have other things we would rather be doing than fiddling with cameras?  Especially if we are setting up a number of them.

Another nice feature that we didn’t talk about is that the camera works with the free Huntsman App that Wildgame Innovations has put out.  The app uses AI to keep track of your photos and show them on a map and allows you to see what kinds of animals have been captured in your photos in a really easy to use and intuitive way.  This is a great app to use when you have multiple cameras set up and want to get a quick way of seeing what animals were photographed at different locations.

If you are looking for a more advanced trail camera, or one with specific features, you will definitely want to look elsewhere.  We have a number of reviews of trail cameras that will hopefully meet what you are looking for, but if you are looking for a good quality, inexpensive and easy to use camera we highly recommend checking out the Wildgame Innovations Switch LightsOut 12MP Trail Camera.


Wildgame Innovations Switch Cam Lightsout 12mp

Model: EZ12B2-20


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