The Neighborhood Cats

On colonies of cats living around the neighborhood

I split my time between New York City and Upstate New York. More and more I’m coming to the awareness that I feel most at peace when I’m experiencing nature (for lack of a better word, right now). It’s nice to be away from the city and to actually visit ‘nature’, taking a hike or getting away, but even in the noise and commotion of the city there is nature present.

And it can be quite relaxing to become aware of it.

Currently I’m probably most fascinated with the colonies of cats living in my neighborhood. There are the behind my building cats, the church cats, the post office cats, the alley cats, LIRR cats, the breakfast cats, the cat house cats, explosion street cats and the Mormon cats, although the Mormon cats and the explosion street cats have become one bigger group lately.

These are just the names that I’ve given to them because the names that me or my friend use to describe the place where they live.

It is just nice to look at cats, I think a lot of people would agree with that since as pets sometimes that’s about all you can really do with them.

But after really paying attention to them for awhile now, what I find most fascinating is how they make their own little area of the neighborhood their own. There are a handful of the cats that you will almost always see around, so most of them do venture away or have someplace that’s not easily visible to disappear in, but they keep to their own areas.

One of the Church Cats

For example, church cats live across the street from post office cats, but I’ve never seen any of either group co-mingling, or wandering over and spending time in the other territories.

Or the ways that certain cats are always together, how you’ll see them one walk over to their usual companion and give a bit of a head butt and then sit next to them.

I’m sure there are answers for why they stay so close to home, how they build their relationships and what is behind the choices in companionship that they seek out, but I don’t think the answers would be anywhere near as satisfying as just watching how these interactions happen, watching them just being.

I think this is my roundabout way of trying to come up with an introduction for this site. It’s about nature and being in nature, not only as some event that is a break from the everyday life… like a weekend away, or a week camping (although those things are great, too), but being able to find it’s wonders wherever you might be.

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